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The last camper shell you'll ever buy!

The Flip-Pac Convertible Camper Shell is a pop-up style camper shell. Rather than opening straight up ...the Flip-Pac's top flips open 180 degrees over the cab and hood of your truck. This provides you with more than twice the space of a regular pop-up shell. The queen-sized bed over the cab makes for a loft style sleeping area.


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What are the sleeping area dimensions on the various Flip-Pac sizes?

Regardless of your truck bed length (6', 6 1/2', 8', etc.), all Flip-Pac models have the same size sleeping area, a 7' X 5' Queen sized mattress.

Is the tent water-proof?

No, the tent is made of a water-repellant canvas. This means it can be used in light to normal rain and still keep you dry. If you're using your Flip-Pac in an area with heavy rain showers, storms or even snow, yo'ull want to ask us about our optional Storm Cover rain fly. The Storm Cover is 100% water-proof.

Will I be able to remove my Flip-Pac if I need to, and is it a difficult process?

Yes. The Flip-Pac can be removed easily with the help of a couple friends! Just remove 4 bolts and lift it right off. Four men can lift it off safely.

I have a standard camper shell at the moment. If I switch to a Flip-Pac, will I lose any storage space?

The Flip-Pac's tent is designed to fold neatly into the top portion of the shell. When it's closed, you will have the same amount of storage space as any standard camper shell.

I'm far from California and there is no Flip-Pac dealer in my area. Can I have my Flip-Pac shipped to me?

Yes, we do ship The Flip-Pac. You will have to either install it yourself or have it installed anywhere camper shells are sold.

I see two struts that attach the my fender when the Flip-Pac is open. Are those what support the 1000 lb weight capacity of the queen size bed?

No. The struts are there for stability only. Tbey bear no weight whatsoever. All of the load is supported by the torsion bar (where the crank attaches to during opening/closing of the Flip-Pac)

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